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Festa dei Fichi D'India
February 2005

Prickly pear in fruit and nearing harvest.

Translated as the figs of India, and
known in English as the prickly pear (fruiting variety).


Includes photos from previous years.


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Dignitaries and Invited Guests

Signora Beatrice Catani, Consul Dott Stefano Catani, Patron Rinaudo, Lord Mayor Campbell Newman & Mrs Lisa Newman with Committee
Fr Mauro Conte receives donation for Scalabriniani Village Project  Giovanna SantoMauro presents President with gift  President Politi and wife present Rebecca and Sarah Newman with gifts - emblazoned Sicilian Assoc shirts

Prickly Pear eating competitors - Adults and Juniors

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman eating the prickly pear fruit The adult competitors jostling for elbow room After the battle all good friends. Assoc Patron Giuseppe (Joe) Rinaudo at left. The junior competitors after the battle The junior winners receiving prizes from Assoc President Joe Politi

Juniors making friends for life

Children of Sicilian members. Includes member Rosemary Sciacca centre back row. Rebecca & Sarah Newman with Grace Sciacca at left 

The committee hard at work cleaning the fruit

Brushing the spines off the skin Sarina Turrisi and Maria Lamari hard at work The production line with Sam Lamari and Phillip Bond being exceptionally dexterous Joe Turrisi and Joe and Mary Messina peeling like the wind 

Phyllis Bond with only 1000 pears to go ! Phillip Sciacca and Mary Goodwin - note the gloves ! No, I will not touch another prickly pear as long as I live ! The finished product ready for the cold room and tonights feast.

And some guests dancing off the prickly pear meal (2003)

State Member of Parliament Bonny Barry in foreground Scenes from the Sorrento lounge _ 2 (2003)

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